Spectator Info

  • We do not accept credit or debit cards. Checks and Cash only. Checks are to be made payable to Show Choir Nationals and should include a phone number.
  • Parking at the Opryland Hotel is NOT included in the Package. If you use your own vehicle, the parking fee is your responsibility. 
  • For spectators not participating in the Package, tickets for all Competition Events and the Dinner/Dance at the Wildhorse Saloon may be purchased each day at the Grand Ole Opry House during the competition, or on Thursday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm at The Show Choir Nationals Desk located in the Cascades Lobby in the Opryland Hotel.
  • Ticket prices are as follows:
    Thursday – Opening Announcements, Women’s Division, Middle School Division – $20.00
    Friday – Mixed Division Prelims, Block One and Two – $20.00
    Saturday – Mixed Division Finals – $20.00
    Saturday Evening – Dinner and Dance at the Wildhorse Saloon – $45.00 if available.
  • If you have bought the package and are traveling separately from the group, you may pick up your room keys at the Show Choir Nationals Desk in the Cascades Lobby of the Opryland Hotel provided the room is ready. If not, keys will be picked up after 4:00 pm at the hotel registration desk. **Based on volume and occupancy, guest rooms may not be ready at 4:00 pm.** Programs and T-Shirts are also available for purchase at The Show Choir National’s desk.
  • If you purchased your package with the school and are traveling with the group on the bus your room keys, Competition Tickets and Dinner and Dance tickets will be distributed to you by your director.
  • There is a free shuttle service with pick- up and drop- off locations at the Opryland Hotel, The Inn at Opryland and The Opry Mills Mall available to all participants. There is not a pick- up or drop- off at the Opry House, however if you get off at the Opry Mills Mall, you can walk across the mall and cross an access street to the Opry House entrance.
  • Parents may not enter the Opry House from the Stage Entrance unless you are a part of an adult stage set-up crew.
  • Spectators may not use the three rows directly in front of the Adjudicators located in the center seating section in the Opry House.
  • Concessions are available each day in the lobby of the Opry House.
  • Please do not enter or exit the seating area during a group’s performance. This is a distraction to the performing groups, adjudicators and other spectators.