Attaché, the Face of Show Choir Nationals

On Friday, May 3rd, my daughter and I were privileged to attend the Attaché Spring Review at Clinton High School. A spring visit to Clinton, MS, is an annual affair, and we look forward to the show and reconnecting with dear friends. 

As is customary, the Master of Ceremonies, John Goolsby, takes time at the beginning of the show to recognize certain audience members. Those recognized typically include school administrators, public servants, city council members and alumni. John traditionally asks us to stand during this time as he recognizes Show Choir Nationals, a company I started in 2002. This year, however, John came into the audience to thank us for our contribution to the show choir activity. Caught off guard when asked to say something, I politely declined to comment. Truth be known, I was not prepared to speak. 

After days of reflection, I now have the words to properly express my appreciation towards Attaché, David and Mary Fehr, and everyone involved in this fine organization, both past and present. 

First, I must take you back to 2001 when I made the decision to start Show Choir Nationals (SCN), held annually at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN since 2002. The competition is a three-day event, attracting elite Show Choirs from across the country. It is a huge undertaking, and I knew that the SCN staff could not manage each aspect of the workload. We would need help…a “host choir.” I immediately turned to Attaché. For years, I had closely followed the organization’s commitment to success, and developed a close friendship with Dave and Mary Fehr. I recognized that a partnership with Attaché was what SCN needed, so I approached them about Attaché “hosting” SCN’s first competition. Thankfully, they agreed. The rest is history; Attaché is the Official Host Choir for Show Choir Nationals.

Attaché impacts the success of SCN in countless ways, and its’ professionalism and class are pinnacle qualities recognized within the show choir community. While “hosting” Show Choir Nationals, Attaché members arrive early each day, with smiles on their faces, ready to work assigned shifts. They sell tickets, guide participating groups, present awards, and keep the contest running smoothly backstage (yes, the Attaché Stage Crew runs the stage). Then, after 3 days of exhausting work, they make ready to fulfill the last duty as SCN’s official host choir…perform their competition set. When the curtain rises, the stage belongs to Attaché! 

In closing, no written word can adequately express the amount of gratitude I have for Attaché. This organization is comprised of people who are dear to me; a family as much as a partnership. Show Choir Nationals continues to be successful because of Attache’s spirit, and I am forever grateful. As my son says, “Attaché is the face of Show Choir Nationals”!

Daryl Ussery, President and Founder

Show Choir Nationals